Friends of Aldbourne Band
Friends of Aldbourne Band was formed in 2009 to give fans and enthusiasts of the Band a way of expressing their support in financial and practical ways.

The Friends are a Registered Charity No 1144039.

In its short time the Friends have established a firm membership of Band supporters and published a number of well received editions of a newsletter keeping them informed of current and future Band events. We have run a highly successful "Proms on the Green" event last summer and have assisted with running several important concerts.

Small groups of members travelled with the Band to their recent contest successes including a large group to cheer them on at their triumph at the National Finals in Cheltenham in September 2011.

In February 2011 the Friends promoted a highly successful local "showing" of the hit film "The Kings Speech", by kind permission of the producers arranged by Mr Richard Price, a local resident and trustee of the Band.

If you would like to join fellow supporters of the Band and become a member of the Friends please follow the link to Join the Friends.

The objectives of the Friends are:
to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education and appreciation in the art of music,
in general,
  • by supporting the activities of the Aldbourne Band, in the interest of continuing and extending the opportunities of musicians in the village and surrounding areas, to play in a high quality Band, with expert leadership and to extend their skills; and to enable the people of Aldbourne and district and others to enjoy brass Band music at its best,
and in particular:
  • to provide organisational and administrative support especially for events to help with the promoting the Band and its public events
  • to raise funds to support the running costs of the Band and to invest in new assets, activities and events
  • to support the work of the Band to extend the musical education/training of members and potential members
and to further such charitable purpose or purposes as the trustees in their absolute discretion shall think fit but in particular through the making of grants and donations.

  • Membership of the Friends is open to anybody who is an enthusiast for the Band and its music and is interested in furthering the objects of the Friends
  • Members receive three editions of the Newsletter a year which give advance news of the Band’s activities, views and interviews with Band members
  • The Band offer members a ticket concession at one concert a year and low cost transport is arranged to some venues
  • Subscription is set at £10 minimum a year per member
Committee Members:

Chairman - Harry Sheppard
Harry is a former bandsman himself having played the cornet since he was a boy. Harry's family has been farming in the district for generations and he is a well known figure in Aldbourne.

Secretary - Gavin Dixon
Since moving to the village, Gavin and his wife Pam, who is also on the committee, became instant fans of the Band and have been keen to do all they can to support it.

Treasurer - John Burgis
John is a former company secretary and before that ran a family butchers business. He is active in many of the associations of the village and has been a enthusiast of the Band since arriving in the village.

Other members of the committee are Pam Dixon who, besides working hard at events, assists the Secretary's work; John Jacobs, a member of the original founding Steering Committee, brings a wide range of contacts in the life of the village to the committee, Cathy Hughes, also a long time resident in the village, a keen choir member and incidentally, mother of Richard Hughes the Principal cornet player; June Pickford, who has been a Band supporter and helper for many years, Don Barnes an Honorary Member of the Friends recognising his work for the Band over many years has recently joined.